Sunday, February 16, 2014


That is what Riverview called Friday morning to recognize all moms from Riverview.                                                                                                
At 8:30am moms met in gym with all the Riverview students to recognize moms and to watch a couple of videos. After the videos, the moms went with their child to the classrooms where moms were given a card by their child saying why “Their mom ROCKS!”…

In the afternoon the students enjoyed playing games and exchanging valentines with their friends and of course enjoying a few pieces of candy and sweets…


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Physics Students Build Paper Bridges

Big Rapids High School Physics students tested their skills and knowledge by designing and constructing paper bridges.                          
Each bridge had to support a load without breaking. Students had specific guidelines to follow when designing their bridge including: bridge span of 25cm, a 7cm cube must pass under the bridge while standing independently, each bridge could only be constructed with sticks glue and 20 pound (printer) paper. Students were to leave a hole in the center of their bridge for a hook to pass through held by a 3 inch by 5 inch block of wood.

 Students were graded by having three attempts to support a weight load from their bridge. It was a great learning experience and which designs could hold the required weight.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Riverview 4th Graders Study Matter

Mrs. Wentland’s 4th graders were treated to a visit from retired FSU Pharmacy Professor Ken McMullen.  They learned about liquid and solid matter. Using this information, the class successfully made slime and lip-balm.

Mr. McMullen also talked about how carbon is found in plants and animals.

Students Selected to Perform at GVSU

5 students from Big Rapids High School were selected to perform at the Grand Valley State University High School Honors Band on February 16th. They are only 5 out of 25 total high school band students chosen by audition, and they will perform with the GVSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble in concert at the Allendale campus at 3:00pm in the Louis Armstrong Theater in the Performing Arts Center. Congratulations to these fine musicians!