Wednesday, January 28, 2015

BRMS Seventh Graders Study Various Microscopic Life Forms

Mrs. Morrissey's 7th grade science classes have been studying unicellular and multicellular organisms.  They used compound microscopes to advance their studies and to draw what they saw.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Science Month at Brookside

Throughout the month of January students at Brookside Elementary have been performing experiments and other fun science activities in their classrooms.  On January 29th the Dome Theatre will be at the Science Share Night along with lots of other fun and exciting activities for the whole family.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Miss Dieck's Biology Class Builds Giant Cells

Miss Dieck’s Biology A class just finished up their unit on Cells.  Because cells are not visible to the human eye, it is really hard to imagine what the cell actually looks like.  

To remedy this problem, the students were placed into teams to create giant scale-model cell organelles to ultimately make a giant, 3-meter plant cell in class.  Each team had to begin with researching their organelle, using the school’s Google Chromebooks to create a research document and collect information on their organelle’s structure and function. 

After each teammate understood the function of their organelle and its actual size, they use proportions to calculate a scale-model size to make it easy to see by the naked eye.  They drew up plans for their cell and were given various materials to make 2-D models of their organelle.  

The teams presented their organelles in the Rotunda of the high school by placing them in their giant cell wall and membrane.  The whole project was a huge success and really captured the students’ creativity and knowledge on cells.  Students were excited to place their organelles and describe what each part of it was and what it did.  The giant cell now resides on the wall in Miss Dieck’s classroom, posted for all the students to see and admire.