Monday, November 23, 2015

The Big Rapids High School Key Club

The Big Rapids High School Key Club, a student led community service organization that is part of the Kiwanis family of service clubs has several projects in their recent past and future....

 1) Key Clubbers participated in trick-or-treat for UNICEF again this year. (photo attached) Club members raised $400 Halloween Eve for the Eliminate Project to help eradicate paternal and infant tetanus around the world. 

2) The Key Club is sponsoring an Angel Tree again this holiday season. Students and staff will be able to select a name from the tree in order to buy gifts to distribute to needy children in the area. The Angel Tree project is sponsored by our local Salvation Army.

 3) In December Key Clubbers will again be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Students have signed up to help the agency raise money December 5th at Wal-Mart. Stop by and help out with a contribution.

 4) Members of Key Club will spend 2 days helping out at Brookside Elementary School in December. Club members will be assisting elementary staff and students with their annual craft and gift fair.

 Thanks Key Club for all you do to help our community be a better place to live and learn.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

BRMS - 6th Graders Work with Salmon Eggs!

Mr. Hooker and six students from the 6th grade went to Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery near Kalamazoo on Wednesday, November 18th to pick up eyed salmon eggs.

The 6th grade class raises Chinook salmon eggs until May and then release them in the Big Sable river near Ludington.

In science class, students are responsible for maintaining the tank and feeding the salmon.

Through the year students will gain a better understanding on how biotic and abiotic factors can have positive and negative effects on not only the salmon but the whole ecosystem.

Pictured above from left to right (Madison Reidinger,  Faith Houger , and Gabe Myers)

Pictured above from left to right (Nykole Draihiem, Madison Reidinger, Jacob McCloud, Gabe Myers, Faith Houger, and Brenna Kelly.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BRMS: Berlin Airlift = Success!

On Veteran's Day, The BRMS 6th Grade class was able to watch a reenactment of the Berlin Airlift by dropping candy to the Berlin children below.

 This reenactment involved dropping 36 parachutes with candy attached. Big Rapids pilot, Clark McKenna, flew over the field, while his daughter, Haley, and middle school assistant principal, Marty Aldrich, dropped the parachutes onto the High School football field.

A big thank you goes out to 6th grade social studies teacher, Mark Brejcha, for putting this together! What an amazing,fun experience in learning about history!!

BRMS offers Homework Help!

Did you know that Big Rapids Middle School has a great program for our middle school students?  Homework Help is a free program that is offered to our middle school students during activity time and after school Monday - Thursday from 3:30 - 4:30!  This is a great opportunity to get some extra help outside of the classroom!  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Weaver at the Middle School!

Monday, November 2, 2015


This week was a very busy week at BRMS, from our Penny War, Autumn Assembly, Halloween Band Concert and Regional Honors Choir Competition to learning with tennis balls, working with clay, and dressing up for Halloween!

Our annual penny war to help raise money for the Hoffman family ended in a huge success!  The students, parents, and staff helped raise over $1300 (with more donations still coming in)!!


As a result of the penny war, five lucky staff members (Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Piggott, Mr. Todd, Mr. Schott, and Mrs. Wardie) were slimed with different layers.  Mrs. Wardie was the lucky one to get all the layers of slime!!

Students and staff also had the opporunity to participate in many games during the Autumn Assembly on Friday!  Games ranged from Gummy Pies, Mummy Wrap, the Skeleton Bat Game, Pumpkin Relay Races, and a Cheetos Face!

On Thursday, band students performed in our first ever Halloween band concert.  The 7th and 8th grade students dressed up in costumes and played spooky music!

Congratulations to Kyleigh Klever, Catherine Fisher, Aja Cradall, Mary Hobart, Alexandra Weller, and Siri Quist! They participated in regional honors choir in Grandville!

Mr. Kigar's 8th grade Science class was demonstrating the Law of Reflection this week, using tennis balls… states ‘the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence.’

Mrs. Eichleberger's art class was working with clay, making different kinds of pots!

Finally, students and staff dressed up for Halloween on Friday, making it an all-around great, fun week here at BRMS!!!

BRMS Box Tops Competition This Week!!

Each day teachers collect Box Tops from their students in assigned periods (see below) Put the Box tops in the assigned envelope.

Send the collected Box Tops to the office daily as soon as possible so that we can count them right away. At the beginning of the next day, the classroom from each grade level with the most Box Tops for that day will be announced and will receive a prize (one class per grade level) At the end of the week, the grade level that has collected the most Box Tops will win a pancake breakfast!


5th Grade in their regular classroom 
6th & 8th Grade = 6th Period 
7th Grade = 7th Period 

A Box Top Competition 

For 1 Week Only! November 2 - 6, 2015 

To raise money for books, field trips, assemblies, etc.