Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Big Rapids Middle School Students in MSBOA Honors Band

The Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association hosted their annual Middle School Honors Band.


The Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association held their annual Middle School
Honors Band Tuesday night (12/6/16), this year at Shelby High School. For students to
be eligible for admission into the group they must have earned a First Division rating on
their solo performance at Solo and Ensemble Festival earlier this year. The Big Rapids
band program was well-represented by having 28 7 th and 8 th grade students nominated to
perform with the Honors Band, 25 of whom attended the Honors Band. Dr. John Martin
and Mr. Ted Malt were the guest conductors for the Honors Band.

Pictured (left to right):
Front Row
Madison Reidinger, Katherine King, Courtney Inosencio, Abigail Strasser,
Owen Ettinger, Emily Seaman, Jacob McLeod, Varun Piram, Ethan Fuller, Luke Zhu,
Trenton Barone, Amina Masoud, Brenna Kelley, Gabe Myers

Back Row
BRMS Band Director Mr. Allman Todd, Justynn Bobon, Avery Eddinger,
Siri Quist, Tyler Brown, Zoey Watters, Frances Arquette, Annika Lipar, Tennessee
Swearingen, Eric Cohen, Matthew Hardesty