Friday, October 21, 2016

Big Rapids High School “Grace Adventures” Assembly!

Recently the Big Rapids High School brought in Grace Adventures to perform a two hour student workshop on Positive Peer Relationships for each class at the High School. “Positive Peer Relationships” at Grace Adventures will “equip and prepare teachers and students to develop the school as a place where people are respected, heard and known.” Their goal is to provide a learning experience, creating a culture where everyone has value, positive relationships are built and everyone is responsible. The purpose is to create a culture of value where each person is respected, heard, and known.

Students began the presentation in the gym with a presentation by Grace Adventures. Part of this presentation talked about building positive relationships and covering the learning targets:
  • Everyone has Value 
  • How to build positive relationships 
  • Each student must take responsibility to lead 
The presentation then transitioned into small group activities and games.

Grace Adventures is a year-round Christian non-profit Training Center in Silver Lake Michigan. Grace is located in the Silver Lake Sand Dunes area and sits on almost 400 acres. They work with both faith-based and non faith-based organizations.

Leadership and Character are in high demand today. Grace wants to help create a surplus of leadership. They have workshops for individuals or teams, businesses, organizations, and more in order to train and equip others in leadership and character.

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