Friday, February 3, 2017

Holocaust Survivor, Martin Lowenberg speaks to BRHS History students!

On February 1st, BRHS U.S. History students were able to learn more about history than just what their textbooks tell them. Martin Lowenberg, a Holocaust survivor, came to the high school to share his personal experience. Mr. Lowenberg was born in Germany in 1928, just five years before Hitler rose to power. He experienced prejudice in his childhood community, and was eventually forced to live in both ghettos and a handful of concentration camps before being liberated at the age of 17. Martin moved to the United States—or as he called it, “this wonderful country”—about a year later, and eventually settled in the Detroit area. He still lives there today, and has been a Holocaust educator for almost 30 years, traveling throughout Michigan to school, universities, community events, and speaking almost weekly at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills. As this was such a unique and rare learning experience for our students, we are very appreciative of Martin taking the time to come tell his story!