Wednesday, February 1, 2017

BRMS Participates in National Geography Bee

On Thursday evening, February 2nd the Big Rapids Middle School held the National Geography Bee. On Thursday night, the top 3 finishers from each grade competed against each other in a final event. The winner of this event was Nathan Lebel. The runner - up was Clay Oosterhouse, and coming in third was Alek Lipar . Nathan will go on to represent BRMS in a state qualifying test. If he places high enough, he'll attend the State Championship event Western Michigan University.

Top Finisher from each grade: 

5th Grade: 
Vinny Hayes Gabe Walczewski Tyler Saxton 

6th Grade: 
Alex Lipar Nathan Lebel Brook Fuller 

7th Grade: 
Varun Piram Jacob McLeod Clay Oosterhouse 

8th Grade
Mary Hobart Gavin Sanford Carter Councilor