Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Big Rapids High School Celebrates "Spirit Days"!

BRHS Homecoming week has begun!  Students dress up each day for spirit week for a competition for spirit points between the classes!  Monday was PJ/lazy day, Tuesday twin day, Wednesday superhero day, Thursday sports day and Friday is Spirit Day! 

Cardinal Spirit Day, which will take place Friday, will be an entire day designed towards improving school spirit and building relationships!
The weekends activities are as follows: 
  • Friday, Oct. 2nd is Spirit Day!  The parade will start behind the Middle School at 5:30 pm. "Senior Night" will take place before the Varsity Football Homecoming game at FSU's Top Taggart Field.
  • Saturday, Oct. 3rd - The Homecoming Dance begins at 8:00 p.m. in the BRHS Rotunda.

Monday, September 28, 2015

BRHS Art Students Visit Art Prize!

The AP art class traveled to Grand Rapids to attend the 7th Annual Art Prize 2015. Students, teachers and staff along with a few parents joined in the fun and educational experience of a lifetime. The art group visited the Amway Grand, Devos Center, The Gerald R. Ford Museum, The Grand Rapids Art Museum and The B.O.B, where art teacher Brooke Compson displayed her personal work in the competition.

Big Rapids art students are looking forward to submitting their work as well when they turn eighteen and can be part of this international competition!

Art prize 2015: "My Shoe Closet" by Brooke Compson is displayed at H.O.M.E in the B.O.B downtown Grand Rapids. First round of voting is from Sept 23-Oct 3 (Sat. at midnight). The final 20 artist will be announced Sunday, Oct 4th.

“My Shoe Closet” is a visual collection of twenty-three drawings of shoes that I’ve owned in my lifetime. Twenty-two pairs are drawn with nothing more than a graphite pencil, with the exception of one. The high heeled shoe is rendered in both colored pencils and graphite, accentuating my femininity. The last space in my shoe closet remains empty, symbolizing the irony of my love for being barefoot. The shoes people wear can give you unique insight into their lives. The way a shoe is worn can tell a person’s weight, the way they walk, and the shape of their feet. The majority of these shoes are stereotypically either dual gender, or considered “men’s” shoes. As you view each shoe in my closet, you’ll see that some are made for specific events, weather, terrain and style: evidence that shoes can reveal daily activities and the makeup of a person. This piece, this series of shoes, signifies the versatility that I embody as a result of having the “best of both worlds” by being a tomboy.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Spirit Week at Big Rapids Middle School

Big Rapids Middle School celebrates Spirit Week! Monday was Mustache Monday, Tuesday  was Retro Day, Wednesdaywas PJ Day, Thursday was Stay A Float Day (Beach Attire), and Friday was Cardinal Spirit Day! The Middle School students brought in a grand total of 512 cans for the canned food drive!!  Great Job and Thank You!  The 5th grade class ended up winning the competition for the week!  6th Graders ended up in 2nd place, 7th grade was in third, and 8th grade was in 4th! The Middle School had an awesome, amazing week of fun!